Demolition And Removal Of Old Fences And Ground Preparation

At Timberwood we are well equipped with a rubber tracked excavator and large tipper trailers to come onto your property in any rural location and pull out old fencing and clear existing fence lines of debris or dense clumps of trees etc. Timberwood does an excellent demolition and removal job in town in a residential environment particularly in long established areas where there has been years of destructive ivy vines or wisteria growing over and destroying the existing old fences. Difficult areas are carefully cleared using a 5 x finger grab on the excavator to tear out ivy roots and old fences and loaded onto tipper trailers to be dumped at the tip.

We can also prepare the ground with our excavator for retaining walls and fencing alike with an auger to dig holes up to 450mm wide for posts to be cemented into.

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