Lattice Fences And Gates

A Timberwood Lattice Fence offers a great dividing barrier either inside your property or as a boundary fence that you want to see beyond, out to a nice view. They are a wonderful fence if your property is maybe backing onto parkland or even a National Park showing off the natural beauty of the Australian landscape.

At the Timberwood workshop we prepare all dressed (smooth surface) Cypress posts showing off the knotty grain which we then champher and then cut a nice ornate post top. Most Timberwood Lattice fences and gates start at 1200mm (4 foot) up to 1800mm (6 foot) high. All the Cypress must be oiled at least twice to protect the integrity and life of the timber.

Cypress gates are also available as pedestrian size only up to 1200mm wide and we utilise a Cypress frame with a lattice insert which is braced for support.

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