Dressed Timber Paling Fences

A Timberwood Dressed Timber Paling Fence is the pinnacle of paling fencing and gives an elegant smooth finished parameter fence to the most fastidious of gardens and either classic or modern architecturally designed homes.

Timberwood prepares the entire fence in its well-established timber workshop where the best quality Ironbark posts, rails & palings are dressed (made smooth), round champhered, and posts morticed and capped. Fence heights are usually 1800mm high with 3 x rails or 1500mm and 1200mm high with 2 x rails. All dressed timber paling fences are oiled twice with decking oil (different colours available) to protect the integrity and life of the timber.

timberwood fencestimberwood fencestimberwood fencestimberwood fences

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